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Hugely appealing (sound) too, a down under blend of Americana, country sensibilities”
Aldora Britain Records

"Beggs has a rich, expressive and emotional voice."
Sunburnt Country Music

(Hurtful Ways) is a superb example of alt-country balladry, where heartache and regret hold away

Chris Familton


Jeremy Beggs, hailed as 'rich, expressive, and emotional' by Sunburnt Country Music, emerges from a transformative journey to embrace his true musical calling. After years shying away from authentic expression, this self-taught artist now finds solace and connection on stages once cloaked in dread. Instead of succumbing to fear, Jeremy harnesses it as a wellspring of strength, solidifying his position as an emergent talent to watch in Australian Americana.

Originating from the under-appreciated musical hub of Ballarat, Jeremy's path has been anything but conventional. His musical roots sprouted from learning the saxophone and bonding over jams with friends we he first exploring and developing the seeds of storytelling. However, it was joining The Suffringtons in 2015 that ignited his fervent desire to narrate his personal story through music. Following the band's dissolution, Jeremy embarked on a post-band period of exploration, honing his sound and songwriting craft when he released his self produced debut EP 'Layered Signs' in 2021. It was the 2022 Tamworth Music Country Festival that proved pivotal, catalysing his commitment to an Americana sound after a fateful encounter with Matt Joe Gow, a Melbourne-based New Zealander.

Drawing inspiration from luminaries like Jason Isbell, Hiss Golden Messenger, Whiskeytown, and Drew Holcomb, Jeremy heralded his arrival in the Americana scene with the release of two singles in 2023. 'Hurtful Ways' and 'Signal Me In,' produced by Matt Joe Gow and Andy Pollock, soared to prominence, garnering extensive airplay and rave reviews across platforms like Post To Wire, PBSFM, Sunburnt Country Music, Antipodes Radio, and Aldora Britain Records. 'Signal Me In' even charted on AMRAP's Regional Charts, marking a standout moment in Jeremy's burgeoning career.




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